Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thanks, Mom!

I confess, I am a junk food junkie. Yes, being a dental hygienist makes it even more difficult to make that admission. You know, "do as I say, not as I do." But I digress. Every year at Easter, I look forward to peeps (pure sugar goodness) and jellybeans. I don't like gourmet jellybeans and forget the sour ones or anything out of the ordinary. Just plain old jellybeans...I love them! This year, trying to be a little more health conscious, I decided to give up peeps. But I was in a quandary. There were no jellybeans to be found. Finally, I found one individual size package at Wal Mart. I was frustrated. Even after Easter, I shopped around for the clearance sales and still no jellybeans. Yesterday, I got a text message from my mom "Check your mail".  I wasn't home and I didn't know what she meant. Check my mailbox, my email, what? Was something wrong? When I got home, I found a package on my front porch delivered by US Priority Mail. Hmmm, it was just like Christmas excitement! I ripped open the box and found three, yes THREE bags of jellybeans! Later, Tony asked what I planned to have for dinner. Of course, the answer was JELLYBEANS! Thanks, Mom. By the way, I will be out of jellybeans in a few days. Hint, Hint!

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