Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ahh! Lovin' The Country Life

Every year, well for the last seven years or so, we've been blessed with watching a family of geese. I affectionately named the parents Edgar and Edna. Edna puts her nest on the island in the center of our pond. She rarely leaves the nest, but will occasionally come to the house for a bit of bread. Edgar on the other hand, is quite cute at the beginning of the nesting period. After a while though, he becomes a pest. He follows me around when I am outside, he peeks in the windows, and he even recognizes my car when I come into the driveway. I have to up our food budget so I can feed Edgar! He is a begging goose. He wants white bread...absolutely no sourdough or rye! He will even snatch bread from my hand now.  Seven little ones arrived last week and Edgar and Edna are teaching them to come for bread. We know the time is short. Every year, they take the little ones to a neighboring pond where they will stay until they are nearly grown. They'll come back here until they are ready to fly away. Then next year, it starts all over again!

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