Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are You A Writer?

A couple of months ago, it was posted on my writer's forum that writers have trouble saying the words, "I am a writer." Suffering from an embarrassment about actually saying the words aloud and feeling extremely unworthy, I  realized this is me. My writer's group has such accomplished writers with numerous published books, and I cannot measure up to their accomplishments...yet! (Yes, I have a dream, faith, and determination).

For most of us, being a writer doesn't mean you have a published trilogy under your belt, or you have to be able to support yourself from writing. Being a writer is something that is a part of your make up. It's who you are. Maybe you write on a blog. Maybe you post memories on facebook like a friend I have. (Karrell, this is you. You are definitely a writer!)  Maybe you have one book in print. Maybe you write your history to pass to future generations. Whatever your situation is, be proud when asked, "What do you do?" Today, I am proud to announce, "I'm Sandi Lawson and I am a writer."