Sunday, July 14, 2013

Perfect Day for Writing

Today is the first day of rain in, hmmm...I can't remember. It's another Oklahoma dry, hot summer. The rain has been such a blessing. I don't mean a sprinkle. It's been a slow, steady rain since sometime during the night. The kind of rain that makes you want to lounge around or take a lazy Sunday nap. I've found it to be the perfect weather for writing! No watering the plants. The dogs aren't asking to go outside. My husband is doing homework at the kitchen table. It's totally quiet and peaceful except for the tapping of my keyboard and the noise of the popcorn I am sharing with Alfie. (If I haven't mentioned Alfie before, that's a whole other post. He's my grand dog and totally loves coming to Grandma's house to chase the squirrels and play in the pond.) Now, back to the story I'm working on. I have a deadline for an agent critique. Fingers crossed, all goes well!