Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sleepless in Oklahoma

All of you writers out there, I'm sure you have done this as often as I. I went to bed last night a little later than usual. Watched my nightly episode of the Matlock rerun. Yawning, I turned out the light and then BINGO! A great idea hit me. Writers of stories, songs, etc. have made comments about such an occurrence. You should get up immediately and make notes or get to writing or risk losing the idea by morning. Never being a conformist, I spent the night on the edge of sleep. I wrote and entire YA novel AND a picture book (in my head). This morning, I am wondering what exactly those books were about.  I remember one thing...they were good, very good. Tonight, I hope Mr. Sandman brings me a revealing dream and tomorrow those books become a reality.