Friday, November 29, 2013

Two Lies and a Truth

The annual SCBWI Christmas party is coming up, and there is a game that will be played called, Two Lies and a Truth. I've never played it before, but it's really simple. Everyone writes three statements about themselves and gives to the leader. Two of the statements are lies and one is true. I just turned 50 last week so you would think I have enough interesting life experiences to easily whip out one truth and then a couple of tall tales. I'm so stressed out! My face reads like a book. Anyone who looks at me can tell exactly what I'm thinking. I can't get a falsehood out without looking like I should be sent to the big house. I 've been dwelling on this for about two weeks, and I think I've come up with one pretty convincing lie and a truth that hopefully nobody will believe. Two down and one to go. It's going to be fun to see if anyone can figure out the truth from the lies. Now, to practice my poker face!

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