Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oklahoma life...

Last night was the perfect evening...great temperature, no wind, no rain, etc. We enjoyed time on our patio just visiting and listening to the beautiful songs of the birds in our backyard.  We have a mocking bird that is our all time favorite.  We have to smile when we listen to the clever things he come up with.  And then the other sounds...the neighbor has three or four roosters that were evidently in a crowing contest. It was one after the other, each rooster trying to drown out the other.  It was quite comical to listen. The longer we listened the funnier it was. And then, there's Edgar the goose. That goose is always looking for us.  I suppose he associates us with food because we are always feeding him.  He's going to get so fat, he won't be able to get airborne! Hopefully, Edna's eggs will hatch soon and we'll have another group of geese to fuss over for a little while.

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