Sunday, April 10, 2011

How my book came to be

I've always enjoyed writing.  Even in high school, when we were assigned an English paper and everyone was moaning and groaning, I kind of enjoyed it. Through the years, being a wife, homemaker and working mom didn't leave much time for my extracurricular activities, so I didn't get to write much other than the yearly Christmas letter. After Emily went away to college, I started putting some stories on paper.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a public speaker...but to write things on paper, that's more my style.  So I had several stories ready to go, but where do you find a publisher?  I sent one to New York City with the reply date supposed to be 6-9 months.  I put it on my calendar and the day came and went with no reply from the publishing company.  After that, I put my stories back in the folder and forgot about publishing.  Almost 2 years passed and I was still writing. I ran across the name Tate Publishing and thought I'd give it another shot.  I picked a random story and sent it in.  The response time was supposed to be 6-9 weeks.  I marked the calendar for spring break week and then forgot about it.  Then after only 1 1/2 weeks, the reply came.  They actually wanted to publish my story!  We were shocked and skeptical.   We didn't want to tell anyone until a decision was made. We prayed about it and consulted a couple of close friends. Nearly 2 weeks passed before I signed the contract and UPS overnighted it back to them.   It was like we were amazed and  in disbelief that this was really happening.  The big question was why did the acceptance come so quickly?  After talking to acquistions, the answer was the Oklahoma bad weather.  We had really bad weather and the publishing company was closed for a few days.  When they reopened, they had manuscripts piled up and instead of taking from the bottom of the pile, they picked up the one on top and there was "The Best Baker in the World".  
We are learning about what it takes to get a book published.  I'm on the production schedule to begin in May.  It will go through a couple of separate editings, then illustrations, etc.  All total, about 6 months.  I am very excited  and  will keep you all posted on the progress.


  1. Mrs. Lawson,
    After reading your post on my blog I was very curious to see your own blog. It is always encouraging to speak with another Christian author. Your experience sounds very similar to my own. I too was a little skeptical when I first began working with Tate but after prayer and counsel, visiting the offices and my editor, I felt a peace to continue and I am glad I did. God has blessed and provided each step of the way and it has been a great learning experience. I pray God will bless your book as well and that you will be as pleased with Tate's services as I have. Write on!

  2. Way to go Sandy-- will be reading and waiting for the book!! Even though we don't have grandbabies yet-- it will be in our repetoire!! Sooooo proud of you!!! You have certainly blessed our family--words even on paper can't express my gratitude! God alwas opens the right doors at the right time-- trust in Him always!!

  3. Thank you both for the wonderful comments and words of encouragement! I am truly blessed.