Monday, March 14, 2016

Pioneer School

Last week, I was invited to read to the second grade classes at Pioneer School. What a great time we had!

I was asked to read my book, The Best Baker in the World! and to also choose another of my favorites to read. It was an easy choice. I read Brian, the Smelly Bear, written by Mark Chambers. It's written in verse and is about a bear that refuses to take a bath. Everyone thinks he smells atrocious, but he thinks he smells just fine. When his friends can't stand to be around him any longer, they trick him into taking a bath by telling him they have a tub full of mud. He sails into it discovering, all too late, that it's filled with warm, soapy water. Afterwards, Brian decides he likes smelling clean. 

After reading, we discussed where authors come up with story ideas and what it takes to be a writer. We also talked about my upcoming book that will be released in the fall called Mila Denton's Worst Week Ever! I hope to visit them after that book is released because I think they will really enjoy it.

The children were stylishly dressed in paper Dr. Seuss hats that they'd made. I don't know where the teachers come up such clever ideas, but they do a great job.

Thank you, Pioneer teachers and students. I hope to see you soon.

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