Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma's Devastion

It has been quite a week in Oklahoma. The world has watched the devastation via the news outlets. We have watched and communicated via email, text and Facebook. Friends have lost everything and friends of friends have even lost family members. I cannot imagine the hurt that people are experiencing and thank God many times each day that my family, home, and town was spared. Now, the cleanup process has started. Oklahomans are coming out in true form with cash, supplies, time and sweat. On a positive note, God's grace has been shown. The death count had escalated to 91and later it was found to be a terrible error. The death count is in the 20's. Pretty amazing considering the strength of the storm. Kudos to the weathermen in this state. They can't predict a snow to save their necks, but they can tell you what time and what side of the street a tornado is about to hit. Prayers are still needed. Thousands are hurting, but Oklahoma will rise again!

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