Thursday, April 26, 2012

School Visits

The sign says:  Thank you Author Sandra Byrd Lawson 
The first school I visited was Walnut Hill Elementary. Wow! I don't know how many children, but I can safely say, it was a lot! Everyone was super nice!  The children seemed to enjoy my visit, but I guess anything that gets you out of class is high on their priority list.  The fifth graders did a story writing contest. I will cover that in a later post.  When I drove out of the parking lot, I noticed they had my name on the sign out front.  Talk about feeling special!  Thank you, Mrs. Pennington, the office staff and everyone at the school.  Oh yes, thank you for the embroidered blanket (it had a cupcake on it...very appropriate for The Best Baker in the World.)  I am grateful and will treasure that gift!

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