Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liberty Elementary

This is the most awesome thing ever! The people in the picture were researched and their names are included on the mural. This is  a work in progress and being done by a local lady. As I understand, she's been working for a couple of years on it. There are liberty bells hidden through out the mural. I could not believe how beautiful!
My next stop was Liberty Elementary.  This school has be around forever!  My husband actually attended this school and lived across the street.  They have added onto the building, but what I saw had not changed too much.  The gym was used as a central location for all the county elementary schools basketball games.  Believe it or not, I was a cheerleader for Garrett Elementary and my husband was a basketball player for Liberty Elementary. It was a known fact that every other school despised Liberty! My first encounter with my husband was at a basketball game where he acted on a dare and came down the court and knocked me on my behind! Good thing I didn't know who he was or things might have turned out differently! Ok, so I got off track here going down memory lane.  Now back to business.

Me with Mrs. Spears
 Mrs. Tammy Spears in the library was instrumental in setting up the school visits county wide. I cannot thank her enough! She really went out of her way to make it all come together and run smoothly! I felt bad with my constant emails, but when we were 700 miles apart, email is a wonderful thing to have.  Liberty Elementary kids were awesome.  I got to see some of my relatives. My niece, Kylee and a second cousin, David, that I had never met, but one look and I instantly knew who he was.  There were some great questions asked by the students. I even had some adults that came for the presentation.  How nice is that? So 33 years later, I can say I don't hate Liberty Elementary's actually a pretty cool place!

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