Sunday, April 29, 2012

Junction City Elementary

After visiting Walnut Hill Elementary on Thursday, I went on to Junction City Elementary.  I got to read my story to the pre school class and they were just precious! Afterwards, I had 2 groups that went all the way to 5th grade. I showed some slides of Oklahoma and read my story.  There was a time for questions and the one that I remember came from a little boy, "Are Ferraris street legal in Oklahoma?" Now, how do I answer such a question? I don't know anyone who has a Ferrari, so when I got home, I asked my husband (as if he knows everything) and he said, "Yes, they are street legal." Oh yes, another boy asked me if I am Leah's grandma. Well, I hope I look a little younger than that! I am actually her great aunt.

One really cool thing, JCE has a daily news report. It's on I thought that was the neatest thing! I had no idea that kids could even do that. It has the pledge of allegiance, perfect attendance report, joke of the day, weather, etc.  They even interviewed me for their daily report. You can check it out by going to the website: school and searching for Junction City Elementary and the date April 20th.

Since I was traveling alone that day, I have no photos of JCE...sorry.  It was an awesome school!

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