Saturday, June 25, 2011

Those darn Oklahoma scorpions!

My worst fear in the whole wide world is a scorpion!  So far, I've had 3 this year.  Every time I see one, first I yell for Tony to come and take care of business.  Second get the spray and spray around the inside of the house (doesn't matter if the bottle says it's good for 9 months!).  Third spray the outside of the house and a 20 foot perimeter of the yard.  Fourth watch every step and stress out for days until I finally forget about it. I am getting better though.  Now I can look at the scorpion or a picture of one.  For awhile, I couldn't do that and it would never fail...I'd get behind a pickup truck at a stop light and it would have a huge scorpion decal across the back window.  I'd try to look away and "sense" when the light changed, then pass him as soon as possible.  Here's my dilemma now.  I saw a flashlight at the hardware store that is used to hunt scorpions.  It seems scorpions glow in the dark if you shine a black light on them.  I want it, but I'm afraid of what I might see.  One lady said she got one and when she shined it in her back yard, it looks like stars in the sky. I think I would go into cardiac arrest. Also, I'd have to make Tony go out with me to kill the ones we see.  They say if you spray them with Raid, it only makes them mad, although they do make a spray now specifically for scorpions. That's on my shopping list today!

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