Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is for ice cream!

Oklahoma has only 2 seasons...winter and summer.  It seems there is no middle ground.  The other day, my body was telling me it was hot and time to get my first ice cream of the season.  I ignored it for days until it grew into a huge craving encompassing my every thought.  I was out running errands and decided that when I finished I'd reward myself with a visit to Oklahoma's own iconic ice cream establishment, Braum's.  Errands were done, and I was getting so excited I could hardly wait to get there. I hurry in, step up to the counter and place my order, "One chocolate cherry on a waffle cone, please."  The lady replies, "Is that one scoop or two?" and before I could even contemplate the question, I blurted out, "TWO!" I even surprised myself and looked around thinking, "Did I say that?" I anxiously watch her fill the cone and she just keeps adding more and more ice cream.  By the time she finished, it looked like a  bouquet of tennis balls on a cone.  I knew I was in trouble when it immediately started to run down the side of the cone.  I rush to pay, grab a handful of napkins and go to work as fast as I can.  The ice cream was a little faster that me.  I was a bit angry at myself for doing such a dumb thing, but decided I would be victorious!  I went to work as fast as I could go devouring the monstrosity!  First attack from the top, then the side, back to the top until finally it was finished!  I was ready to go home, but the entire evening I was in sugar OD mode.  I didn't think I'd ever want another ice cream cone.  Then one week later, Emily was out with me and suggests Braum's.  Yes, I was ready again...single dip this time.

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